Keyword research for SEO: A service for online content building -- the SEO way.

Keyword research is the critical foundation to determine which phrases people are using to search for the products or services your business offers. They give up a secret: 
Keyword research also involves determining which are most relevant to your website and digital asset portfolio: 
there is a big difference between optimizing a website for the right words that are now bringing traffic to your website and optimizing for better ones that are much better suited to bring targeted prospects to your website.
Keyword research is a very complex, time sucking process that requires multiple tools along with insight AND foresight to provide rich targeted phrases and key data on their relative popularity and ROI, return on investment effectiveness. 
Not just the research itself , but using keyword research tools that deliver accurate data must be THE starting point for building a presence online. 
Because building your digital asset portfolio the SEO way is a continual process, there are no guarantees of immediate success. Despite the reports of huge bank deposits in 21 days that you see plastered all over the web, the path to success is in following a lighted path.
A promise and a guarantee can and should be made here:  without a keyword rich list that is custom-constructed for you personally, subsequent efforts at optimizing a website, a web page or an entire online presence, search engines and consequently targeted visitors will never know you exist because you CANNOT be found.
What MTMM will do for YOU
Our proprietary process includes the followings steps:
  • Determine the theme and scope of the client’s business or organization. We hold consultations with the client and review their existing website to better understand the client organization’s products and services.
  • Discover new key phrases. We dig deep and unearth new phrases based on synonyms, semantics, and peripheral phrases. These are the ones your prospects are using to search.
  • Evaluate the list of keywords. Using SEO tools, supporting data, AND our proven process, we determine the strength and bring to light keywords that are hidden by most of your competitors.
  • We select a final list of keywords. 
  • We color code the keywords based on relevancy and important metrics and send them to you.
Decision-making information you’ll get from MTMM:
At the end of the keyword research process we’ll provide you with a detailed report that includes a managerial summary of our findings, our recommendations for keyword phrases to optimize your site and web presence for, supporting data, analysis of the data, and most critical of all: suggestions for next steps.

97 Winner Package up to 25     word report * 3-7   day delivery  
197 Medalist Package up to 50     word report * 3-10 day delivery  
297 Champion Package up to 75     word report * 5-14 day delivery  
497 Elite Package up to 150   word report * 7-21 day delivery  
  Custom packages available. Custom delivery available    
* Each phrase is counted as one word

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